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Secondary containment coatings for storage of hazardous materials such as flammable solvents, corrosive liquids are required by state and local laws to mitigate damage from accidental spills and/or natural disasters of flood, fire and earthquake.

Demands for the coating and containment will vary by governing bodies and locations of the storage site. Typically, a containment area would need to hold spillage of all product in the area for 24 hours without leakage into the ground water and surrounding area. Epoxy coatings of the self-leveling type with higher elongation and flexibility facilitates good crack bridging properties under static conditions and low temperature.

EC-422A, with its backbone of a highly flexible amine component and good chemical resistance, is ideal for these situations.


Epoxies, by their makeup, have good chemical resistance to many solvents, acids and bases. Certain solvents and acids such as ketones and organic acids can be problematic for extended exposure. In these areas, it’s best to use a Mannic base type of curing agent that does not contain plasticizers. ED-122R is a Mannic base type curative incorporating a substituted Phenolic material and is plasticizer free. Its rapid cure properties require good handling and small batch mixers on the job site. Kitchen flooring beneath deep fryer equipment is a key area to use this special curative in the floor system.