About Us

Epoxycure Corporation has spent 20 years in the curative business supplying a full line of aliphatic & cycloaliphatic curing agents. With the advent of a new toll arrangement with an international chemical producer, we decided to focus all of our marketing on cycloaliphatic curing agents targeted for the flooring, coatings and composite applications.

This approach allows us to concentrate our resources into a small group of products that we make in large, efficient batches aat a very good cost point.

A new state of the art chemical plant available to us insures excellent quality control and supply. Large inventories are maintained at our warehouse locations in Bensalem, PA and High Point, NC.

We realize our small product group may not offer exact matches to your current curative use.  It has been our experience that EC product offerings represent the large majority of curatives used in the seamless flooring industry.

Epoxycure Corporation is a Female Majority Owned Business.